Ali Asgar: The New Rumba Highness

Ali Asgar leaves the world of cinema. He left the film world to turn entirely to music. He created his first album of 12 songs for a debut. Discover the story of rumba's new Highness in this article.

The origins of Ali Asgar

The product of a union between the Congo and India, our singer quickly climbed the ladder to achieve the various goals he set for himself. His album, which is currently making headlines, is a reminder of the obstacles he had to overcome. It is with reference to himself that he conceived "Métissage", his new album. Indeed, his father is an Indian and his mother a girl from the Congolese regions. In order to make a success of his opus, he had to cross many countries and move from continent to continent. To record his musical sequences, he went to France, the DRC and Burkina Faso. Despite his success, the rumba greatness reminds us that we should never forget our origins. This is why he returned to his proud origins for his recordings.

The victories of the prince of rumba

He was in the world of cinema certainly, but his love for music has always existed. His stints in the music world can be easily seen by taking a small leap in time. First, Ali Asgar released <> and <> in 2016. Then, he recorded some singles in 2020 namely <>, <> and the famous song <<Dépassé>>. In addition to these titles, there is his work at the third edition of <<Nescafé Africa Reveletion>>, the famous music competition.
Finally, our singer returned to the music world with his new album "Métissage". However, he made his mark in the world of cinema with the films <>; <>; <> and especially his successful appearance in the second season of <>.
Ali Asgar, the new prince of rumba has left the world of cinema after shaking it up so well to now concentrate on music. He gives a brief glimpse of what he intends to do by conceiving a small album called <<Métissage>> and composed of 12 songs.